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Oncology-Cancer Massage
What is Cancer Massage?

Existing scientific and medical data strongly suggests that massage therapy provided by a well-trained therapist is safe, does not contribute to the spread of cancer, and is an effective complement for health programs offered to people with cancer.

Therapists are trained to avoid open skin, healing scars, fragile veins, tumor sites, incisions, medical device sites, tubes, areas of bone or spinal metastasis, and radiation sites.

Session lengths may vary depending upon the client's touch sensitivity. Many patients are referred by their oncologist, nurse, or other medical providers to an experienced therapist in their area.

What are the benefits of Cancer Massage?

* Improves quality of life

* Releases muscle tension

* Decreases sensations of pain, nausea, anxiety

* Caring touch counteracts the feeling of invasive touch

* Offers emotional/spiritual support from early diagnosis to end stage of life

* Is provided with the support of all the necessary patient medical information

* For breast cancer patients, prepares the muscles for reconstructive surgery

* Post-operatively, softens scar tissue, improves range of motion, reduces edema

* Supports positive self-esteem and body image

I work as an Oncology Nurse at CMC Main, so I am continually adding to my knowledge of Cancer Treatments in order to help my clients achieve relaxation in a healing atmosphere.